The Night Homer Simpson and Roger Clemens Beat Up Bill Cosby

Release Date: February 20, 2012

Twenty years ago this evening, an event took place the impact of which nobody could have possibly predicted at the time.  As important as the Orthodox patriarch Shenouda III’s visit to the Netherlands was; I am talking about the original airing of The Simpson’s Episode 8F13; better known as “Homer at the Bat.”

This episode is important, not only because it happens to be my favourite episode of the Simpsons, but because it happened to feature the voices of some of the best baseball players of the time.  Mike Scioscia, Roger Clemens, Ken Griffey Jr., and José Canseco who  was, according to the DVD commentary of the episode, was not as “pleasant” to work with as the other players.  Are you surprised?

The other reason this episode is significant is because it beat both the Cosby Show, and the Winter Olympics on this February evening.  In any case it is one of the best episode’s of the show, and one of the best uses of celebrity athlete cameos ever on TV.  If you are huge Simpsons nerd, like me, you already own the DVD, but if you don’t there is a ton of great tid bits of information to be learned from the commentary.  Ken Griffey Jr, struggling with the line; “there’s a party in my mouth”, the White Sox actually hiring a hypnotist to help them win, and George Steinbrenner actually getting mad at Don Mattingly because his hair was too long.